Monday, February 10, 2020

Describe a place, environment or setting where you feel completely Essay

Describe a place, environment or setting where you feel completely content. What are your experiences there and why is it significant to you - Essay Example The bright colored paint on the wall sends everyone a feeling of liveliness and vibrancy. It also brings a dynamic atmosphere to the room which allows us to showcase our talents and be true to ourselves. They have people who are from different countries, different casts, different religion but we all live like a family. We respect each other, our ideologies and learn from each other. We all don’t care who we are and where we come from. All we care is, we share the same passion and that is why we all are here enjoying at the fullest. Then in the same room, there’s this beautiful and dramatic cityscape wall mural of New York City and Paris which helped me to come up with many interesting ideas such as backpacking and planning to visit New York and explore around Europe. All of these feelings and aura coinciding and balancing each other out creates a perfect harmony flowing throughout the room. Personally, BPP is more significant to me more than anywhere else. Not only it helps me escape from the noisy world but also gives me the courage to grow up and the motivation to bring out the talent which was hiding inside me. It has given me a new life by helping me coming out of my shell. I have been associated with them for more than four years now and have taken part in dancing, modeling and choreographing and still want to do more, learn more and share my talent to others. I had modeled for Dillard’s prom dresses, Halloween costumes, summer clothing and business attire. I also modeled for W by Azwell Clothing Store. I even went to Dallas for Model and Talent Expo. I joined the model competition, one-person monologue, and two-person monologue. I surprisingly won 2nd Place in two-person monologue! I was so impressed by myself. I also performed at the Mrs. Arkansas America Pageant in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 2011, 2012 and 2013. BPP has completely changed my personality; I am no more hesitant neither I escape from people or gatherings. I love to hang out with

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