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The Middle East - 1388 Words

Armageddon in the Middle East. Populations reduced to dust by nuclear war. International actors drawn into tense conflict and potentially world-altering violence. These are the fears held by the U.S. and Israel when considering the possibility of Iranian nuclear weapons. However, the attitudes of the Obama administration in discussing potential deals with Iran have demonstrated a change in the U.S. strategy when interacting with an Iranian regime that desires nuclear capability. In recent months, Iran has made global headlines once again by asking for permission to develop and possess nuclear weapons within their state for the purpose of stabilizing the turbulent Middle East. This recent development has sparked a heated debate over the best way for the United States and Israel to respond to Iran’s quest to obtain nuclear power in the Middle East, creating mounting tensions and polarization in American and global politics. The Obama administration aims to stabilize the Middle E ast by developing a diplomatic deal with Iran. However, the argument of Israel and the conservatives in Congress that Iran’s potential nuclear capability brings much more risk and danger than reward is a much more realistic, pragmatic and appropriate viewpoint given the tensions and instability in the Middle East and the history of Iran’s conflict with Western civilization. Iran’s leaders have actively pursued the development of nuclear energy technology since the launch of U.S. President Dwight D.Show MoreRelatedThe Middle East821 Words   |  4 Pagesorientalist idea of the Middle East. It represented the faulty equation of Islam= Muslim= Arab= terrorist or religious fanatics. From the image of the magazine cover, a man dressed in the Middle-East attire can be seen standing on what looks like a balcony with the landscape of the Middle-East in the background. The image in the background presented the Middle East as underdeveloped in an effective manner. The image in the foreground by the top right corner signified the Middle East as an oil-hoardingRead MoreThe Middle East2106 Words   |  9 Pagesbeen more relevant than in the Middle East. Understanding the Middle East as it was and currently is requires an in depth analysis of the events that have so shaped the region. By peering into the premodern, early-modern, modern, and contemporary periods, a comprehension of the Middle East and how it is situated within the global framework will be realized. The premodern period, which ran until 1450, contained two events fundamental to the history of the Middle East, the Birth of Islam, and the splitRead MoreThe Middle East1118 Words   |  5 PagesBahauddin Foizee :The Middle East, especially the West Asian region, is the most volatile region in the world. The major reason of such regional instability is the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. One of these two rivals, Iran, has been suffering from a weak economy for decades because of the economic sanctions that are imposed on it by the International community for quite a long now. However, on 14th July, 2015, a deal was signed between Iran and the UNSC 5 plus 1 (Britain, China, FranceRead MoreThe Middle East871 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle discusses the evolution of the Middle East and how much of the Middle East is currently coming out of, and in some cases still going through difficult revolutions. The article points to three, possibly four, defining stages in the Middle East. The first is the stage of the Cold War, the second is that of the Old Order, the third is the end to the Old Order, and the fourth is the current stage that they are in now. The point was made that much of the Middle East’s resentment to the West originatedRead MoreThe Middle East1661 Words   |  7 Pages18th centuries in the Middle East were periods marked by severe financial crisis, increased decentralization, and stronger external control by western nations. It was clear that members of Ottoman and Persian military and bureaucratic organizations needed to prove themselves worthy in comparison to the European nations in order to shift the global balance of power back towards the East. As a result, drastic political, economic, and social reforms were implemented in the Middle East throughout the 19thRead MoreThe Involvement Of The Middle East1598 Words   |  7 Pagesincluding innocent civilians, opposing forces, and U.S. troops and its allies. Trillions of dollars have been spent on the involvement in the Middle East for decades by the United States government, which orchestrated these results. The burden financially, has been measured in trillions of dollars, on multiple expenses, all relating to the involvement in the Middle East. Not only have these events impacted the U.S. financially, but many people have had to pay the ultimate price, with millions of peopleRead MoreThe Impact On The Middle East1430 Words   |  6 PagesAll throughout history from the from the pre-modern period all the way to the contemporary period, there have been major events both inside and outside of the middle east that have had an impact on the middle eastern communities. While some were more drastic than others, they all had an impact one way or another that helped shape the society we know of today. Starting with the pre-modern period, in 1095, the pope had called for a crusade which was in fact the only successful crusade. In this situationRead MoreCulture Of The Middle East4300 Words   |  18 Pagesexplored the culture of the Middle East because I find it very interesting and different from my own. I feel as if many people hold a strong negative feeling against people from the Middle East because of terrorist attacks in the past. Middle Eastern culture is different from American culture and some people are not culturally aware so they do not understand Middle Eastern culture, therefore, people judge off of what they know. After visiting and researching the Middle East I have came to change myRead MoreWomen Of The Middle East937 Words   |  4 PagesThe women in the Middle East is less fortunate than any other women around the world. They was not giving the fair opportunity to develop their rights in the home, workplace or even have the opportunity to voice their opinion in politics (Elizabeth, 2010). Being a woman in the Middle East has always been one of the hardest things to endure starting as a child from punishment all the way down to adultery. There laws are one of a kind that has a wide range from the Islamic laws also known as the ShariaRead MorePortrayal Of The Middle East1589 Words   |  7 Pagesthat do not exist in the Middle East, but that when so many male characters are portrayed in such a way it fails to contribute anything greater to the study of the Middle East where parts of its history has already been tainted by Orientalists and revisionists. Since Al-Shaykh has already boldly challenged female stereotypes in her novel it would possibly bode well if you managed to contest some of the male stereotypes as well in an effort to break the mold that the Middle East has been casted in. The

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